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Meet ONE800,

Apple Approved. No Download. Always Free.

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  • Apple Approved

    ONE800 is Apple Business Approved, which means that we have been thoroughly vetted by Apple to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of safety, security, and privacy.

  • Instant Answers

    Get instant access to expert answers right from your iMessage. ONE800 provides you with ChatGPT 4 allowing you to get the information you need via text, images, and voice memos, anytime, and anywhere!

  • Free. Forever.

    Kick back and soak up the awesomeness of never-ending free access, just like having a super cool unicorn buddy who never bugs you for rent or swipes your favorite socks. It's all good vibes and no strings attached!

  • iMessage is All You Need

    Get instant answers in a flash, without the fuss of dealing with multiple apps and sign-ups—perfect for busy bees, app clutter haters, and anyone who just wants to keep things chill and hassle-free in their digital life.

  • Helpful Advice

    Let ONE800's become your trusted companion, providing the advice you need for every aspect of life, right when you need it most. Advice on relationships, career decisions, dinner menu, and countless other scenarios.

  • Personas and Art

    Finally connect with your lifelong role models and discover their secrets via Cameo Chat, while effortlessly unleashing your artistic brilliance with Canvas Creator.

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